Coloumbine Plastics
Now with Laser Sintering Capabilities
Columbine Plastics will work with you to refine your design to reduce tooling or part costs and enhance manufacturing and repeatability. We are experts in materials and we have the most sophisticated prototyping capabilities in the industry.

Columbine Plastics precision moldmaking shop will take your finished design and produce any of a variety of molds, from low cost aluminum tools to multi-cavity hot runner, three plate or laser sintered mold systems. Prior to production, our experienced quality assurance team will meet with you to discuss the dimensional and cosmetic requirements of your molded parts.

Columbine Plastics is committed to customer service. We recognize that many of our customers have special needs and we will do our utmost to perform any service within our capabilities or assist you in finding the right help.
“Columbine Plastics has offered helpful design changes to our parts and is a dynamic supplier of work with when using exotic materials. We get results with tough technical problems.”

 -Michael Atterbury, Central Purchasing
  Caterpillar Tractor Company


Whatever the job, you can rely on Columbine Plastics for consistent replication of precision parts at prices that give you the competitive edge. Give us the opportunity to consult with you and bid your next molded part. Our prices will speak for themselves.